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Hi — today we’ve been upgrading Radio4000 and it’s live!

  • More images
  • a bookmarklet to easily add tracks directly while you’re browsing YouTube.
  • filtering and search is back on Discover
  • everything is faster with the new Glimmer rendering engine from Ember.

All in all the best Radio4000 so far!
As usual, if you need help, have feedback or any other inquiries just use the way to contact us you prefer, please!

How to use the bookmarklet?

It might seem complex if you never used bookmarklets before, but trust us it is really easy!

  1. go to radio4000 and login your account
  2. click on add track\
  3. drag and drop the bookmarklet to your bookmark bar (it works everywhere, on every Web Browser, on Windows, on Mac, on Linux, on…) 
  4. navigate to a youtube video you want to add to your radio (try this album
  5. now click on your bookmarklet (in your bookmark bar)
  6. should should be redirected to your radio on radio4000 with already the URL and the Title of the youtube video pre-filled
  7. save

From now you just need to use this bookmarklet each time you want to add a new track to your radio.

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