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Use on mobile devices

Since the beginning of the project Radio4000 has been thought, designed and coded to work well on every devices, operating systems and browsers.

One long time issue was using Radio4000 on mobile devices, because until now it was not possible to play a Radio4000 radio and lock the device’s screen.

This is now solved!

How to play Radio4000 with the mobile phone screen locked

The solution is pretty simple, but will work only for Android and on Firefox. If you’re not using Mozilla’s Firefox browser, you should definitely start now as it is a browser that respects your privacy, meaning it does not track everyting you do to show you advertising.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download the latest version of Firefox for android devices
  2. Install the firefox addon Video Background Play Fix. As its name suggests, this addon (developped by Timothy Chien, a Software Engineer at Mozilla Firefox) will now allow videos to be played in the background of your device.
  3. Now, you can play videos from and, and at the same time use your mobile device like you usually do, switching applications, windows or tabs; the video will continue playing until you stop it.

If you encounter any issue with this solution, get in touch with the Radio4000 team so we can help!

Known limitations

This solution is really helpful as it solves a long time issue from using R4 on mobile. There are still some caveats that we will continue to try and solve.

  • for some yet unkown reasons, sometimes the next video does not automatically plays. Just unlock your screen and the video should automatically start playing, you can lock your screen back, and this bug should not happen again during this session.

  • this addon is not available for iOS, so iPhones and iPods won’t be able to use it.

Some context

This the beginning of the project, Radio4000 has been thought, design and build to work well on every device, operating system and web-browser. This is the reason why there are no “native” mobile applications for Android ar iOs, because they both require new projects, and cannot reuse the code the is written for the web version.

Radio4000 decided to bet on web technologies, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. All are included in every web browsers, and there are web browsers running on every devices.

If you are interested in the code that makes Radio4000 possible, you can explore it on Github. Also, don’t hesitate to join the discussion about the projects on the community chat.

Good day!

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