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Removing sign-up (then logins), with social providers Google and Facebook

In an effort to free the project from dependencies, the creation of a new user (therefore a radio), will no longer be possible, using any external social providers. Also, in a close future we will enforce login with email/password for every users that are currently using social providers.

Currently Facebook and Goole have been provided as a matter of convenience for user who might not wish to create for themeselves an account using an email/password pair.

This “feature” is being rolled out for several reseaons:

  • wish to become independent from Google and Facebook
  • start first steps to become independent from Google’s Firebase, used as database and API provider for this project
  • bugs and annoyance in managing API keys for OAUTH applications (the Facebook and Google app and keys used to authenticate into radio4000)
  • bugs in Firebase projects keys (service account issue, with functions deployment)

Instead, users will be able to:

We’re sorry for the inconvenience, please get in touch by any mean if your encounter any troubles or have any feedback:

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