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Radio4000 version 5

Good evening!

Tonight Radio4000 gets updated to a new major version (github#v.5.0.0). We’re happy to introduce some new features, and an effort to harmonize the overall experience across the software.

It is coming in with a new radio channel homepage and a new design now including the latest 10 tracks. A new subpage therefore appears under your radio, /tracks. This choice aims to help improve loading performances, and usability such as easing the experience of adding a new track to one’s radio.
We also hope in close future to add insights on these amazing lists to help you understand what it contains, how to dig it, and how it can be organized.

Managing your favorite radio channels also becomes more fluid, giving the opportunity to interact in a more organic way while discovering and exploring other people’s selection.

We’re supper excited about the times ahead, improvements are coming strong.

Your feedback is always very much appreciated, so don’t hesitate writing us a line or two, anything on your mind.

Try it out!


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