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Protip: /play & /play/random

Hello there,

just wanted to share with you two good tips to start listening to a radio as fast as possible.

Let’s take a radio, could be yours, could be anyone else’s, let’s say, hi balls!

When you want to play this radio on, you will probably type the address of radio4000 in your web browser, then visit the radio page before finally hitting the play button or a track on the chosen radio.\

That’s cool and pretty quick, but now there is a faster way, taking the form of a URL shortcut. Let me show you, it is very straight forward. 

The first link will just play the latest track from “balls” radio.
The second link will play a random track from the same radio.

Note 1: remember it works for any radio, but you of course have to know the radio URL (, the part after the “/”). \

Note 2: to find what is your radio URL, visit your radio on and look at address in your browser. You can edit it by going to the edit page or your radio.

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