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Map for Radio4000

There is a new way to discover Radio4000 channels online, a map of the world.

As of today everyone can position their Radio4000 channel to one location in the world. So can you!

There are no restriction, nor any obligation. As always freedom first. You only decide if and where you would like your channel to appear on the map; where your body resides or your heart belongs, it is and will remain your choice.

If you decide to locate your radio on the world map, you can of course remove or change your position at any time, and this information will appear on your Radio4000 channel page, under your channel title.

This map could not exist without the help of OpenTopoMap and of course OpenStreetMap and their contributors, who both provide the data, expertise and geomatics skills for such projects to exists. We will be forever grateful that you’re making such projects available, thank you.

We chose this particular map tiles for many reasons, to name a few:

  • Language localisation, so for every region of the world, every places will be represented with the local written system. Zoom in EuropeRussia,  Est-Asia, you’ll quickly see.
  • This is a topographic map, using contour lines to show elevations, valleys and hills, steepness or gentleness of slopes.
  • Gorgeous colors and contrasts.\

Overall this map is aimed to help all of us discover more music and maybe appreciate in a geographical context choices made by the individuals whose personalities make curating a Radio so special.

We hope you will like it as much as we do.

Discover the map now!


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