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Backup your Radio4000 radio data

While using Radio4000 each user are building a library of sounds. All the tunes added in your radio, its name, description, compose the data associated with your account on the application.

You own this data, all content you add on Radio4000.

Therefore you should have the possibility to always have this data stored where you would like. Radio4000 is simply a space online where you can store and edit it.

How to save and backup a radio channel?

If you would like to make a backup, and save your data, follow these steps.

  1. Visit the edit page of your radio. It should be located at this URL,{your-radio}/edit, your radio channel’s edition page.

  2. Scroll the page down to the Backup your radio section, and click the Create backup button.

It opens a new tab to a file, which is all the data of your Radio. To save it, use the save page as feature of your browser.

Now you should keep this file somewhere safe, on a usb drive, on a server in the cloud.

About the backup format

The file you just downloaded is in a file format called json (it also says this in the file extension, backup.json).

This format can be easily be read by computers, using programming languages such as Javascript and Python.

If you would like to know more about what you can do with this file:

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