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Yes, Radio4000 now officially has an API!

documentation & code:

This means you can now use the public data from (such as the radio channels and their tracks) to create any softwares, hardwares, websites or applications.\

What is an API?
An API (application programming interface) can take many aspects and is a term generally used in software development. In the current case we could summarize it as a set of tools and specifications defined (here by the Radio4000 team) to help developers apprehend and use data made available through the API.\

Using this api as a weekend project, we’ve put together a light DJ setup, with which you can mix two Radio4000 together, making transitions between tracks from each radios. It is of course using the data from the new API, and also the new player.


Edit: add more explanation about what an API is, following a relevant Facebook comment

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